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Vinyl Shop: Fauve! Gegen A Rhino

Artist: Fauve! Gegen A Rhino. Title: Polemos. Year: June 18, 2012. Where: Italy. Shelf: Experimental, Electronic, Post-rock. Who? Li abbiamo [read more]

Vinyl Shop: Central

Artist: Central. Title: The Inside Out EP. Year: May 13, 2012. Where: Italy. Shelf: Experimental, Synthpop, Electronic. Who? In prospettiva [read more]

Vinyl Shop: Insooner

Artist: Insooner. Title: Caimani. Year: April 16, 2012. Where: Italy. Shelf: Indie Rock, Alternative, Experimental. Who? Tra le band indipendenti [read more]

Vinyl Shop: CocoRosie

Artist: CocoRosie. Title: We Are On Fire. Year: June 5, 2012. Where: Paris. Shelf: Folktronica, Hip Hop, Experimental. Who? Le [read more]