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T/Shirt. Not Only Basics

No, we are not talking about an issue of an avant-guard magazine dedicated to t-shirts. None of it all. THE [read more]

Kill It Kid: live in Milan

Magnolia Club, Milan. One would expect a horde of music lovers ready to give their opinion, at this Kill It Kid [read more]

With MAKIA but without fear (of growing up)

You can be sure about certain things in life. These are called certitudes. Family, religion and on a really lighter [read more]

Zola Jesus: me, Jesus and Zola

A strange name that combines Emile Zola with Jesus Christ, her 2011 album, Conatus, that sounds dark against the white [read more]

From Etiopia to Star Wars: Arzu Kaprol

Buffer state between Europe and the Middle East, a meeting place by definition for different cultures, contamination and mergers,  Turkey [read more]

Unexpected classic: Jackie Js Lee

Jackie Js Lee is one of the major names that the Saint Martins college has gave out. She is a [read more]

I ♥ to Play(art)

When they send e-mails to our editorial staff that go like: “These collections are inspired of our state of mind [read more]

Lost Art of Cloth and Skin. Yasuyuki Ishii

Yasuyuki Ishii, artist and designer based in Japan, was born in Tokyo in 1962. He graduated from the Kuwasawa Design [read more]

A Portrait of: Diane Pernet

The discrete elegance of a geisha, lacquer lips, tower hairdressing, porcelain skin. This is Diane Pernet. She is the black [read more]

Unplugging in New York with Canyon Castator

Surfin’ the web, you know, often is a good way to find interesting events, cool people although still unknown, new [read more]

Unisex, Tailoring. 1205 by Paula Gerbase

Paula Gerbase, Brazilian by birth and English by adoption. Nomadic and creative, addicted to detail, tailoring and fabric construction. After [read more]

PITTI 81: Ravings of the orient

Enquire fashion editorial staff always get me as they want. Deep down, I have a thing for absurd or challenging [read more]

Paris + Berlin = BÊTE NOIRE

Born in the Parisian rues and the Berliner strasses, BÊTE NOIRE is the match point of the simple and meticulous [read more]

A tea con Sixpack France

10 years of Sixpack France: what did it mean to you achieving this goal? Well, Sixpack France started as a [read more]

A tea with WeSC

What is the Superlative Conspiracy? The Superlative Conspiracy is great people doing things together – the WeSC way. It really [read more]