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9 Ukrainian Womenswear Designers To Watch

Like the rest of the world, we have been blown away by the incredibly talented fashion designers coming out of [read more]

Introducing Kalliope Amorphous

A long-lasting research dedicated to the exploration of emotions. The photographic path attempts to make tangible the supernatural through the [read more]

Elizabeth Aaron: Low Expectations

What are we talking on friday night? Global Crisis? Not at all! “Low Expectations”: From London to Paris one of the [read more]

50/50| A conversation with Yulia Y. & Luca Nichetto

Yulia Yadryshnikova is a Fashion Designer and pattern maker, Madrid Based. After her studies at La Escuela de Diseno y [read more]

Best Wishes to everyone by Shi Jen

Blue rubber swimming pool slippers and white terry socks. This time it is not Adidas with its Adilette, but Shi [read more]

Marco Feher: young talent made in Bosnia

He is 23 years old, we want to stress that. He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we want to [read more]

The gentile streetwear of XXBC

The grandma’s sofa, Dollar Pizza, Dapper Dan, Tommy Hilfiger, eBay, Cash Money Records, Crosby Deli, Norma Kamali, Coogi suits and [read more]

Jane Swansbury’s Shrine of Animals

Young people: today you can hear talking about this recurring topic everywhere. It’s well known how much people love talking [read more]

DIORALOP: a game of lights and shadows.

Their encounter sounds like a comedy movie: Andreja and Maja met during a wedding party, where they were the only [read more]

Playful Androgyny. Word of LF Markey.

A woman who dresses like a man, or even, designs for men. An Australian who has found her “America” in [read more]

Tourne de Tansmission: Greame Gaughan

When i-D fills your brand in its digital archive, it means that you’s got on the top. This is what [read more]

Mademoiselle boyfriend

But Vincent is a man’s name, ain’t it? This was the question we were wondering while waiting to see her [read more]

CASELY-HAYFORD / Phantasy In Tokyo

British tailoring tradition and English anarchy are the two basic elements of Casely-Hayford‘s philosophy. The brand was founded in 2008 [read more]

UTE PLOIER | Urban Roots of Masculine

Back to the roots is the starting point for Roots, the FW 2012 collection by UTE PLOIER. After having spent [read more]

Gonna be a stylish punk: KTZ

No limits seems to be the only rule for the collective KTZ, more simply, the current reinterpretation of Vivienne Westwood’s [read more]

LAURENCEAIRLINE | Tribal Fashion Goes Ethic

Sometimes fashion is much more complex and elaborate than a big fashion show or a golden view on the front [read more]

Manon Kündig / Dream Visions

Being in touch with the involving creativity of Manon Kündig, you would have the impression of being in a parallel [read more]

Clochard without rules. Aleksandr Manamis

Aleksandr Manamis seems an unreal, chimeric artist. Little is known about his life or artistic paths, but his creativity is [read more]

FW preview – Dainius Bendikas’s Infinite We Are

Deep, sharp, elaborated: We Are Infinite – The Moon Monk Project, Dainius Bendikas‘s FW2013 collection, is a painstaking research into [read more]

The structural Avantgarde of Kaal E.Suktae

Lee Suk Tae, young but already affirmed talent of the Korean fashion scene, graduates in 1994 from the Konkuk University [read more]

Drink Beer, Save Water

There is a funny and folkloristic oi! song that tells “To whom who doesn’t drink beer, God would deny water [read more]

You free your mind in your androgyny

Androgyny meets the runway, according to JULIUS. Man disguises himself as a she-male and borrows dresses from woman’s wardrobe, woman [read more]

Severity in Technicolor

Sever sartorial formality, interrupted by flashes of colour, is the easiest way to define the apparently rigorous and traditional style [read more]

Happy 10th B-Day, Lazy Oaf!

A textile design degree at the Nottingham Trent University, an endless love for illustration, a pack full of white tees [read more]

Big Gay Ice Cream: visionary toppings

American ice cream doesn’t necessarily bring to mind only Häagen-Dazs. If you happen to find yourself at 125 East 7th [read more]

Natsumi Zama: The Secret Life of Fabrics

Fabrics have their secret lives, mysterious, multifaced. Letting it self be moulded by the masterly hands of tailors and letting [read more]

A tea with Swallow Key

Swallow Key is our new challenge. Probably his name does not tell you anything as he’s practically unknown to the great public. Fortunately, our God has revealed some gems to [read more]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Those who make their dress a principal part of themselves, will, in general, become of no more value than their dresses. [read more]

The Chloe Stanyon’s Sculptures

The designer Chloe Stanyon lives and works in London, England. She is graduated in Product Design & Development, specializing in shoes design. Observing her [read more]

JACQUEMUS: Girls wear uniforms

Simon Porte Jacquemus is 22 years old, is French and is the creator of the new and interesting women’s wear [read more]