9 Ukrainian Womenswear Designers To Watch

Like the rest of the world, we have been blown away by the incredibly talented fashion designers coming out of Ukraine in a time of turmoil – especially those womenswear brands bringing something new to the scene. That is why we have put together a list of our Top 9 Ukrainian Womenswear Designers To Watch…


Belgian-Ukrainian womenswear brand FLOW offer clean-cut contemporary design underpinned by interesting prints and bursts of colour. Simple silhouettes and a fascination with asymmetric design come together to create garments that work perfectly for both work and play.


Ksenia Schnaider

Perhaps one of Ukraine’s most applauded talents, Ksenia Schnaider – founded by husband-and-wife duo Ksenia Marchenko and Anton Schnaider – looks to real life, politics and art as inspiration for its collections. Heavily inspired by the Soviet Union and formerly restricted style, Schnaider reimagines classic garments with a contemporary twist. Recent collections boast signature silhouettes but welcome vibrant colours and distorted prints, adding an entirely new layer to Schnaider’s developing style.


ksenia Schnaider_1


A Ukrainian womenswear brand giving a solid nod to contemporary art is ANDREEVA, creating garments and collections inspired by fairytales. Luxurious natural fabrics and pops of colour and shape give the garments an all-day appeal, along with beautiful, subtle details such as hand-knitted crochet, macrame lace, and hand-stitched embroidery.



KARAVAY is a brand that truly embodies the traditional Ukrainian spirit – featuring classic embroidery and prints, as well as conservative cuts. A fairly neutral palette of black, white, brown and grey underpins the majority of the designs in summer through to winter. Texture plays a key part, too as embroidery, quilting and subtle stitching give the garments a modern twist.


Anna October

Another signature Ukrainian talent, Anna October is applauded for her minimalist silhouettes, elegant approach, and clever use of draping and pleats to create unarguably feminine attire for the working woman. Each and every piece has a hint of glamour, and subtle but effective hints of colour, texture and layering put October on the next level.


Yulia Magdych

Offering something entirely different, Yulia Magdych’s designs are underpinned by a love of embroidery and oversized, comfortable silhouettes that work brilliantly for both day and night. A mix of subtle and vibrant tones ensure continuous excitement when wearing Magdych’s designs, and a clever approach to contrast gives each design its unique edge.

yuliya magdych


One of the more commercial Ukrainian brands highlighted in this article, THEO is the perfect brand to adorn for the office, with classic silhouettes and comfortable cuts underlining its identity. Splashes of colour are occasionally sought after, however most of THEO’s designs look to a neutral palette of black, white and grey. Refined and showing true craftsmanship, THEO is certainly a Ukrainian brand to buy into.



Similar to THEO, BEVZA – founded by designer Svetlana Bevza – offers classic day and evening wear for the elegant woman, suitable for both the office and an evening celebration. Clean lines and high quality fabrics give the brand a fresh appeal – especially if you love a neutral palette with hints of pastel tones.



Headed by designer Irina Dzhus, DZHUS is a conceptual, avant-garde Ukrainian brand offering something entirely new. Zips and layered pleats are often seen throughout the designs, along with futuristic-looking hoods and piping detail. The palette stays neutral with black and grey underpinning the majority of the garments. DZHUS also has an ethical stance, with all materials being locally sourced and ethically produced – offering a raw but refined finish.