Best Wishes to everyone by Shi Jen

Blue rubber swimming pool slippers and white terry socks. This time it is not Adidas with its Adilette, but Shi Jen with her clothing matches for the S/S 2014 collection. The designer is Taiwanese, but she studies at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. She graduated in 2007, but she founded her independent brand in 2011. She draws womenswear, but sometimes she introduces several masculine outfits. After many experiences around the world, between Belgium and China, today she lives and works in Kaohsiung (Taiwan), where she manages her international business. Indeed, her label has many stockists in Minneapolis, Shanghai, Dubai and Melbourne.


Also Susie Lau (aka the over-following #StyleBubble) noted her creations last year: the famous fashion blogger celebrated Shi Jen’s cartoon graphics because they referred to the world of My Little Pony and Saylor Moon. In her S/S 2013 collection unicorns, rainbows and violet skies keep a foot in the oriental tradition of anime and the other one in the present digital universe, chock-full of memes and emoticons. Then children and children who’s never grown up appraise.

shijen_1Shi Jen practises the art of story telling, she tells the fairy tales on fabric pages and she combines the use of Haute Couture craftsmanship with the idea of street-wear. Her inspirations don’t come from a distant and too sophisticated past, but they are usually born from life’s little things, from the screen of her Mac or the daily random events.


In this season, the references are also clear, explicated by the title of the collection Best Wishes – it sounds like a greeting cards, the goodbye before the summer, the ending of an ordinary mail or a message of a postcard – and visually translated into funny prints such as birthday cakes, candles and kisses.


Therefore, we are in front of a modern peace&love world, a luminescent and candied world. It is like opening a package of marshmellows where you can find t-shirts and trousers, skirts and top crops, a series of fashion items that are really easy to dress and so brilliant to transform you into a star.


If you chose the whish fringed mini-dresses or the total white vestal tunic, the moon crystal power will be your forever. Instead, if you prefer the Milord wardrobe, there are comfort jumpsuits, pant-skirts and caps, because a little imagination does not damage anyone, even if you are a clumsy fairy dressed with transparent PVC and swimming pool slippers. Best wishes to everyone.