The gentile streetwear of XXBC

The grandma’s sofa, Dollar Pizza, Dapper Dan, Tommy Hilfiger, eBay, Cash Money Records, Crosby Deli, Norma Kamali, Coogi suits and FUBU: if you don’t know them, google them. Once you discovered all the ingredients, mix them all in the same bowl until the mixture is compact but soft, floral but not too much. Let it cool and wear it. This is the New Yorker recipe of the first full FW2013 collection by XXBC.


Despite the overlapping of several and heterogeneous imaginaries, the two founders, Alex Lee and Will Thompson, have realized a well-defined product within the ample and increasingly rich urban panorama: practicing the lessons learned at Opening Ceremony – the great Mecca of coolness, where the designers met each other, where they currently work and where they will sell their exclusive collection – they have been able to reinvent the concept of streetwear, contaminating it with vintage references. Once again the past come back here to support the new, to offer many inspirations and original interpretations.


Browsing the look book, we understand that XXBC (read: Twenty BC, n.d.r.) oversteps inedited borders; between melancholies and ’80s reminiscences, the photographer James Parker catapults us in the garden of a small house in New York: you can immediately feel a kind of familiarity, of serene harmony, not only because that house could be yours, but also because it is easy to recognize yurselves in those moments of daily life and in all those objects – a bike, a cup of cereals, a basket – which fill your privacy.


The green of hedges frames the gray of jumpsuits, embraced by the same leitmotiv: the color inserts are affixed horizontally on the structure of t-shirts and pants, cotton stripes which preserve a retro mood, while basic and oversized volumes refine the current vision of a vulgar and loud streetwear


We like XXBC because it can transmit a special empathy to anyone looks its official blog, a real “my dear diary” like the Tumbrl crowd teach us. Just follow!