Playful Androgyny. Word of LF Markey.

A woman who dresses like a man, or even, designs for men. An Australian who has found her “America” in our Europe, in terms of fashion business. Another young talent that Central Saint Martins gives us, as every year: Louise Markey.


She has designed her very personal menswear line since 2012, because she has ever loved the comfort and practicality of men’s clothing. However, LF Markey label doesn’t include anything of sexually undefined. In fact, if you look at the illustrations on her website, you can note that androgynous element is filtered by a playful and ironic eye. A sense of play that you find again in the prints chosen for this spring-summer, especially for nice and multi-patterned shirts, key item of her collections.


Thus, the SS2013 look book shows thin vertical navy stripes, herringbone details, check s and macro dots. A right dose of colours that has ever gone beyond sharp or fluo tones, but uses delicate shadows of grey, pink and blue.


There is a special kind of gentle breeze, a light sea air: indeed, a print of waves decorates shirts and knee-length pants, while long cozy trousers and cotton overcoat, full of pockets and graphic patchworks, seems to be perfect to protect you when you are walking along the seaside at dusk.


Therefore, we like LF Markey because it drives you in a naïve world, made of pure high quality, a world where you can enjoy like a child between sand castles, where just some stylized drawings manage to get a smile out of you. It’s not a case if, after visiting the official site, you feel immediately more peaceful. Try on