LAURENCEAIRLINE | Tribal Fashion Goes Ethic

Sometimes fashion is much more complex and elaborate than a big fashion show or a golden view on the front row, where known faces and trend-setters alternate to each others; this is the case of Laurenceairline.

The Laurenceairline project was born in 2011 from the mind of the designer Laurence Chauvin Buthaud, with the aim of providing a creative response to the Côte d’Ivoire’s human and political crisis in the wake of the recent civil war.

In Côte d’Ivoire, her Country of origin, education is still inaccessible to the most of the population, so the African workshop organized by Laurence becomes a center of cultural exchange and a place where learning the techniques of sewing, the secrets of coutureand the production of ethic fashion.

Living between Paris and Abidjan, the designer Buthaud mixes two different cultures: the sumptuous and glossy fashion world with the cultural research and the social sustainability products. Laurenceairline is not only an ethical project but actively promotes the professional development of Koumassi inhabitants and reinvests all the sales profits in the development of the project itself.

The first collection has been the men’s SS12, dedicated to masculine shirt and shorts and inspired by the strong ethnic conflicts. The lavish style of the graphics and the simple elegance of the different patterns joined together, creates a play of colours and hints of retro-futuristic cuts and overlapping geometric shapes, that are the leitmotifof the brand.

The designer defines it a meeting between tribal and modern, an “edgy design that reflects the cultural odyssey through fashion”. With the use of local fabrics such as poplin, chambray and batik, the collection becomes a contemporary version of the dandy aesthethic.

The tones of white, red, green and grey are the protagonists of the FW12 collection, have been developed in strange graphics and British tasted traditional patterns. An unusual mix but conservative to a tribal culture and its colour explosion, that here lay in the monochrome shirts and shorts details or in the stronger proposals, may reserved for real fashionistas.

The project has generated the curiosity of magazines such as The Guardian, Spray, ModZik, Vogue, Elle, Vice, and many others. It seems not to pass unnoticed, when fashion becomes ethical and not just frivolous.
Forget the bad-looking ethical clothing, Laurenceairline is an interesting, innovative and knowledgeable brand, watchful to contemporary trends and with a distinct elegance of style. Laurenceairline transforms the modern man in an elaborate review of the ethical fashion with an ethnic appeal.

Now it’s up to you to find the complete collection on the official website: