Manon Kündig / Dream Visions

Being in touch with the involving creativity of Manon Kündig, you would have the impression of being in a parallel universe, an oniric hemisphere and a visionary dream in which you can get lost among loops of art, psychedelic textures and transcendental embroideries.

Manon Kündig, a versatile and talented thirtysomething, graduated from the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués N’mod Couture La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland – his country of origin – has graduated in 2012 from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

With a teacher like Walter Van Beirendonck, Manon Kündig discovers the way to free the artist that lied deep inside himself, finding his inspiration in the universe of google’s interactivity and in the common contemporary conformism.

Kündig literally weaves a stylistically innovative and alternative mood, giving new life to the fashion industry by reversing the perception of fashion and taking cues from the social behaviors, the outsiders and the unfashionable individuals. The style production of Manon Kündig starts with the elaborate graphic compositions of the Bowerbird scarves – pure perdition of ambiguous sensuality, side effects and pop hallucinations. With the Blow Job project, Kündig creates a connection with the nefarious world of darkness, runs between skulls, protruding teeth and bloodshot eyes, in an esclation of occult evocations and futuristic necromancers dressed in fluorescent colours.

The experimentation takes a defined identity with the Teddy Beard collection, a path that outlines the Swiss designer’s style. Inspired by the fetishism of hairness, the collection is full of astonishing fabrics, bright colours and elegant knits.

Kündig’s modern individual personifyes the man’s need to change his own shape by covering his body with a knitted beard mask, that hides the human identity in this interpretation of a social trend. Silk, cotton, mohair, angora, alpaca and lambswool are the materials chosen for this collection. The fabrics are woven together creating iridescent rainbow hues, the thick thread stitchings draw geometric shapes with a play of weft and warp, the soft light draperies are combined with a perfect aplomb. The meticulous attention to the hand-made embroideries creates a refined ensemble.

Knitted fancy sweaters, man suits, sleeveless embroidered items, jackets with frills of mohair and desert boots enriched with wool applications. It’s difficult to explain with words this enjoyable fluff atmosphere of philosophical, natural and raffinite peculiarities of style. Images will allow you better to discover this innovative concept of fashion by Manon Kündig.