Clochard without rules. Aleksandr Manamis

Aleksandr Manamis seems an unreal, chimeric artist. Little is known about his life or artistic paths, but his creativity is already indelible. The philosophy of this young Danish designer lies in the simplicity of colours, the elegance and the avant-gardistic taste. The basic style and the elaborate tailoring, made of seductive softness and delicate lines, define his collections.

The SS2012 one, titled Drifter.12, finds its inspiration in the historical evolution of the casual clothing of tramps and roamers; a style digression to redefine a way of being and to trace out the characteristics of a life without rules and full of mystery. These two cores meet themselves combining dark and naïf aspects of living in the street and Aleksandr Manamis interprets them with significant contrasts: light colours and dark colours, slim silhouettes versus the voluminous ones.

The fresh touch of Drifter.12 looks like classic but torn clothes, worn and frayed by time and wearing. The textiles and leather have been subjected to numerous manual processes to get the right balance, the perfect feel and the exact visual effect.

The intriguing monotone colour palette made of blacks, finds its greatest development in the shades of gray and its opposite extreme in the white. It is the fundamental support to the philosophy of Aleksandr Manamis that, through it, can express darkness and light, the balanced combination of the universe who he wants to rapresent.

The clear and bold colours help to enhance the design, the details and the remarkable craftsmanship of each single item, like the sleeveless, large t-shirts and the asymmetrical cardigans, tied at the waist with flaps of fabric, or frayed and falling to the sides. The collection proposes a simple and easy to wear look, thank to the natural crumpled linen, the comfortable cotton and the elegance of silk; the pullovers are worn with wide necklines and oversized sleeves, the skinnies are long to the ankle and the chinos are soft and wrinkled.

To enrich the overlaps, the rips and the softness, key-words of the SS2012 collection, there are the ill-treated boots, a true tramp signature, finished with fabric applications. Aleksandr Manamis creates elusive, mystical and contemporary individuality, but the style behind his creative philosophical concept defines a man, pioneer of a new frontier of menswear.

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