FW preview – Dainius Bendikas’s Infinite We Are

Deep, sharp, elaborated: We Are Infinite – The Moon Monk Project, Dainius Bendikas‘s FW2013 collection, is a painstaking research into the essence of man through the perception of the infinite energy that surrounds him and the attainment of knowledge of himself. To find out the details behind a path of fashion with a strong artistic flavour, let’s have a sneek preview and ask some questions to this Lithuanian young designer, who signs this dreamlike and surprising collection.

What is the idea from which the project We Are Infinite starts?
The “Infinite We Are” project takes inspiration from what is common to all human beings: the simple desire to live life deeply, trying however individual goals and human needs of deeper exploration of themselves and their “common” singularity.

Why did you choose the dominant theme of the complex state of human infinity?
As infinitely unique, we all live here now. Each of us is here for the same reason, and on the other hand, all of us have an individual purpose. Our space is immaterial, pure energy without mass or volume. Exploring the surrounding universe and introspective philosophy I have faced major changes and was born in me the desire to translate and shape my thoughts turning them into shapes and materials. That’s how I felt the need to develop a philosophical and stylistic project.

The colour tones seem to belong to a legendary island. According to abstract infinity, what is the common line of these man’s clothes?
Each outfit was inspired by the shades of the moon during the eclipse happened on 2010 June 26; this gives life to a collection consisting of an anthology of characters united by a deep emotional bond – characterized by constant evolution.

As in the earlier collection, the materials are natural, lived – sometimes bitter – and cuts are elegant and elaborate. Your clothes are similar to architectures but the desire to make “comfortability” remains visible. It feels like your futuristic vision has to match with nowadays trends; when does the artist project collide to the fashion collection?
What is the connection between design research, concept and comfort? I wished that the union of complexity and of “comfortability” balanced itself. So I chose fabrics like cotton, wool, leather and linen, so that flow into a collection that features comfort but doesn’t sacrifice complex cuts and artful draping. The layers of tissue rely on the figure, a visionary style and translating symbolically sintetizing the image and follows the shape and soul of its wearer, increasing thickness and mass. The details of the garments are carved and shaped with natural fabrics, different techniques of dyeing and processing meticulous, enriched with accessories, used to give individuality – although different from each other – a unique narrative history.

Your men seem to come from space, are modern but maintain a retro charm. What are the pieces that define your style?
Coats and jackets with cross cuts, skinny trouser and jockey style pants seem to be create retro-post-modern outfits and accompanied by visionaries accessories, as hats similar to volcanic craters or the shoes: Moon Walks – a line of orthopedic shoes made in collaboration with Ortho Baltic Footwear Company – with molded soles with Teconolgia CAD and inspired by the complex personalities of Moon Monks.

Who is the ideal man to wear the We Are Infinite collection?
The pieces of the FW2013 collection are similar to space tunics with rough surfaces and represent a dynamic figure, eager to evolution and lost in space. The “infinite” man is ready to evolution, to change and blend into the neighboring space.

You pointed to an introspective and personal changes, as the reason for triggering the collection of mystical. It’s been hard to put a face to his imagination?
If while difficult initially, was the strong desire to give a face and a form to an idea I had in mind. Find a connotation of infinity to the state of man, translating my thoughts into sculptural forms redefined by my personality and my experience has been intense and complex but deeply satisfying.
If you could describe the We Are Infinite collection in a nutshell?
I would say that We Are Infinite is the story of a soul pursuing of infinity.

The masked monks by Dainius Bendikas are moon dressed to meet fashion, art and introspection of the human universe. The anatomy of the human by Bendikas is transformed, transfigured, in a hologram of a human being observed from the inside. A journey beyond the stylistic boundaries of the earth, where style meets the strong expression of the creative and curious young man. Complex, new, essential.