Drink Beer, Save Water

There is a funny and folkloristic oi! song that tells “To whom who doesn’t drink beer, God would deny water too!”. Altought is pretty unlikely that this lyric had been heard by the korean ear of Jin Tiger, founder and, how he loves to say, beermaster of the brand DRINK BEER SAVE WATER, weshould admit a kind of assonance. Actually, the first doesn’t have nothing to do with the second; it’s pure casuality and, maybe, a certain asiatic humour, mixed with a daily non-sense. That strikes off. DBSW, infact, is a brand Enquire met in Florence, during the Pitti fair, in January. Being here, still speaking about the umpteenth t-shirt project, denotes how we have been completely enchanted, amazed, amused and amazed by this product. It’s not about innovative materials, research and experimentation in fibers, forms and volumes: the winner is the simplicity and the wit of the ideas. We asked Jun some questions, curious of understanding more and going deep in his project, because, at the end, apart from the superfluous, the important thing is in the core.

DRINK BEER SAVE WATER sounds like a call to help the planet in thi bir environmental era! What is the connection with fashion?

Yes, we help the planet through our idea of making people happy! When people wear our t-shirt, they will make a friend easily or easily talk with someone who likes the t-shirt. Communicating is our main connection with fashion.

We met you in Florence during the Pitti fair. Was it your first time in Italy? What were your impressions?
We were new at last Pitti fair and we were there for meeting the Italian distributor, that made a contract with us for this season. First impression of Pitti was that there were many sharp and smart dressers in Italy. Everyone wear a nice suit with short length pant, and gave pointed by socks. Also, nice shoes and handkerchief was flattered. I felt that our brand didn’t fit in the fair. Even so, the differences make people impressed.

When, where, how and why DBSW raised up?
DBSW was launched in 2011 with the spring/summer collection, in Seoul, Korea. We started from an idea of non-sense, which is drink beer and save water. Our clothes are not just for fashion, they are for communicating between people, such as telling a story of their life. Your project consists mainly of t-shirts. Why this choice? I choose a t-shirt because t-shirt can be made more easily than suit (ahah!). Our idea is not simple and it is not easy to realize but the t-shirt is a basic cloth so it is easier to give our idea.

The market is full of t-shirts brands, but when I’ve seen yours I was very impressed! Fun, direct, genuine, simply brilliant! Where do you get inspired? 
I get ideas from daily life, and my needs. Of course, beer is one of the important materials for telling a story too.

You are Korean- it seems that we had to wait for someone from so far to see something new for the “most basic of the basics”. How is “doing fashion” in your Country? 
Korean market has small but great brands. It has a unique DNA inclusive the brand that competitive price and produces a very commercial products. Also, there are many select shops, which carry domestic and foreign brands. Seoul is the most hot city in Korea and it’s rising up as the most hot place in the world.

Should we expect to see you again in Florence, this June? 
Unfortunately, at the end of June, we cannot participate in any fashion fair, because during that period we deliver our fall/winter products and our 2013 spring/summer schedule will be close too.

In the meanwhile, where we can find Drink Beer Save Water tees? 
You will find our products in the fall/winter season, so after July.

To pass the time while waiting, take a look to the website and enjoy the preview. www.drinkbeersavewater.com