You free your mind in your androgyny

Androgyny meets the runway, according to JULIUS. Man disguises himself as a she-male and borrows dresses from woman’s wardrobe, woman becomes aggressive and masculine like a man. Black dominates the transition between the limits of gender, in a visionary atmosphere between the military and the ancient Greece.

JULIUS is a ready-to-wear project by the Japanese designer Tatsuro Horikawa, whom since 2001 moves behind the style. The brand was born from the Horikawa’s need to rediscover the concept of fashion, after his clandestine journey from China to Tibet, that fascinated him a lot.

Horikawa’s idea of fashion evolved while Buddhism and Zen philosophy started influencing his collections. The debut at the Tokyo Fashion Week in 2004 revealed his capacity.

The participation in the Paris Mens Fashion Week, since 2008, establishes the importance of his project. Going over the limit is essential, doing it in black is inevitable. The SS12 collection is a contemporary dystopia made of leather bra, cargo pants and experimental trench coats; it is a voluntary introspective research of the human universe and the essence of its gender. JULIUS looks for “his” man: imaginative, fearless and ambiguous, shifting elements of the woman’s archetype in the male wardrobe. Skin drapes, equivocal transparencies, maxi-skirts and boots.

The sublime shades of ossessiveblack and small hints of gray and off white define the silhouette of a hermaphrodite, satisfied by the trial. Denim, jersey, and pierced skin lead to the discovery of edgy cuts, like hugging sheaths in the armor or soft dark-prince coats. The overlap lengths and widths redefine the forms. The SS12 collection seems sudden, wild, sensual and complex.

A kind of “Matrix” of the twenty-first century, revised and corrected according to the dictates of fashion and contemporary art. To find out more about the talented Japanese designer visit the official website