Happy 10th B-Day, Lazy Oaf!

A textile design degree at the Nottingham Trent University, an endless love for illustration, a pack full of white tees and a stall in Spitalfields. Lazy Oafwas and is all this.

This British brand was born in 2001 from Gemma Shiel‘s ideas and sketches as a little handmade tees’ collection, and has gradually grown until reached more than 150 shops around the world.
With the headquarter in East London, where ideas and inspirations come to life, today Lazy Oaf has become an authentic lifestyle: tight skirts, jersey dresses, childlike tees and funny accesories. Every item takes inspiration from ’90s, Gemma’s teenage years, and it’s full of bold graphics, pop prints, vitaminic colours and lot of fantasy.

Not pretentious and low cost, Lazy Oaf doesn’t follow the trends but it does what it likes and what his friends like, growing up expontentially in this 10 years.
To celebrate this winning post, last October 2011 Lazy Oaf decided to throw again his five best-sellers until today: a burger-hat, a tote bag, a mini skirt, a sweatshirt and a reversible t-shirt. At the same time, from the 4th of October, it has also launched a limited edition capsule which includes jewellery and tees with bold graphics and artists’ prints.

Moreover, last 6th of October, Lazy Oaf had a private party for his birthday in Old Street, which remembered the ’90s: from the tattoes transfers parlour, like the ones you could find in the chips’ pack, to the photo booth, Lazy Oaf style locations were everywhere.
Beetween all the birthday’s wishes and the perspective of other 100 days more like this, the future projects are a lot: open a burger point, create an amazing shoe range, getting through to feel ok about wearing joggers going to work and have a really original concept store.

If you’re going to visit London, you can find Lazy Oaf’s shop in 19 Fouberts Place, otherwise you can visit their on-line shop to dip into their world and go back to your childhood, while you choose if is better a burger-hat or the t-shirt whit glasses and moustache.