Natsumi Zama: The Secret Life of Fabrics

Fabrics have their secret lives, mysterious, multifaced. Letting it self be moulded by the masterly hands of tailors and letting the imagination of designers play with them, becoming an accomplice to the most tortuous fantasies. Defenseless pieces of cloth know how to transform themselves in precious magic, dressing up different imaginaries, following ideas and creating dreams.

Natsumi Zama has captured their hidden souls and has chosen to tell their story through a quite interesting experimentation that moves in path made of dimensions and unexpected movements.

The idea of the Japonese designer, winner of the Asos Ltd100 award in 2010 and graduated from the Unversity of the Arts in London, is to reveal the several dimensions of the fabrics, showing how the volumes of a dress can mutate to the shape of the human body. Her inspiration comes from the ancient japanese tradition of the kimono, a typical garment that is defined only when it’s worn.

The most fascinating side of Natsumi Zama’s thought is exactly the idea of dresses that are alive only when they touch the body and that are not structured and flat, but dynamic and vital. She uses neutral colors, soft, to leave all the space needed to the construction of the meaning of the movement that she wants to transmit through the articulation of the fabrics.

Mini dresses apparently static hide in reality a second life, playing with a tridimensional sense and continous transformation. Pants with a severe male cut reveal the background of the fabric that are defined piece by piece and that makes of every creation a dinamic  symphony, orchestrated by great tailor knowledge. There aren’t excesses, nor difficulty of usage, but only a pleasant arquitecture of shapes that is bound to every possible and imaginable transformation.

Natusmi Zama explains through her creations how fashion, in reality, is always dependent of the use we make of it and how a dress becomes a dress only when it’s worn, merging itself with the body and leaving that fantasy and the need of the moment decide it’s destiny.

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