The Chloe Stanyon’s Sculptures

The designer Chloe Stanyon lives and works in London, England. She is graduated in Product Design & Development, specializing in shoes design.

Observing her Autumn Winter 2012 collection, you immediatly notice the importance she gives to design, from the sculptures to the arquitectural constructions well matched to the functionality of the footwear she produces. The shoes are in fact real sculptures, from the vertiginous wooden heels and rich in details, like the leather strings that decorate it.

Her approach towards the creation of the pieces is very particular: the leather is immerged into the water and thanks to the shapes of the wood, they gain life. The final result? An unique pair of shoes and apparently stiff, that are born in a total natural way.

The lines are basic and Chloe never forgets the importance of the quality of the materials that seems to be the key element of her creations. The challenge of the designer is to develop new unique creation methods of the silhouette that allows her to make her profession more artistic, and thus avoiding the standard methods. She has also one hope: to be always more involved in the design of the fashion segment and earn more knowledged and expertise to become an independent and successful designer.

Chloe has already reached a few goals wining a prize as the best student and designer of the year 2010 and she has been selected to participate on the presentation of the British Fashion Council Digital.