T/Shirt. Not Only Basics

No, we are not talking about an issue of an avant-guard magazine dedicated to t-shirts. None of it all. THE T/SHIRT ISSUE is an interdisciplinary collective that combines fashion, design and technology, focusing the attention to the extremely digitalized approach in a planning stage and based on a geometrical study.

All is merged by the triangular polygon, geometrical shape that is seen as a mutual element both on wearable forms and on digital graphics. The concept like that is of difficult comprehension, but in reality it is very simple.

These guys study, through the use of 2D and 3D graphics, alternative ways to construct garments. Pure experimentation, risky we could say, because this group of mysterious boys bases their own studies on the most basic garments in the world, t-shirts. “All our products are made in a new digital environment that allows us to reconstruct every piece of clothing from the core to any degree of complexity. With this new approach we establish a new dimension in which 2D, 3D and the space in between is reconsidered and experimented with.”

Hard to imagine, but the result is really stunning. Let’s take as an example the small series of jersey t-shirts called The Digital Portraits formed by three t-shirts in personalized 3D. At first sight it looks like a confused entanglement of edges and triangles but in reality it is a lot more. They were created ad hoc to the personality of the buyer. They’re unique. Three bodies were digitally scanned in 3D. From that file is created a twin that is “manipulated” based on the purchaser of the t-shirt. The 3D scan will be later on transformed into a 2D model using a function also utilized when making the paper pattern. The fabric and the inside interface, that defines the edges, are cut with laser. Using jersey as a fabric, the perceived complexity of the garment is reduced to a more accessible level.

The Digital Portrait t-shirts are a part of the “Non Basic” section of the brand. Talking about the more essential garments, the project 1/10 Edition is quite interesting, in which, starting from the basic model of a t-shirt, is generated, through 3D reconstruction, a series of infinite patterns. Each t-shirt is different than the other thanks to the stitchings that run free through the entire surface of the fabric. Each stitching – except for the ones on the shoulders and sides – can be changed without loosing the fitting of the garment.

The pictures talk for themselves. Three t-shirts, three sculptures. “Our ultimate mission is to lift the hurdle between possible and impossible and redefine the aesthetics of all things jersey”. When technology and fashion meet the results are always incredible.