Kill It Kid: live in Milan

Magnolia Club, Milan. One would expect a horde of music lovers ready to give their opinion, at this Kill It Kid gig, however, we find ourselves in a very intimate context, a small place with a few people, and some initial concerns about the location.

Kill It Kid look forward to start playing. We find them curled up in a corner – Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward – with their backs to the wall, that wall heated by an old radiator they seem to appreciate, “it’s so cold here in Milan that people remained locked in their houses” he says with a smile.

Immediately, we realize that these guys (along with two other band members, Dom Kozubik, and Marc Jones), despite the rave reviews from dinosaurs such as NME and Clash, only claim simplicity and carefreeness that could not be otherwise when you’re in your early twenties.

A few words before they start the show, Stephanie confesses to be interested in the Fashion Week here in Milan and to never having been in Italy until now, with Chris that seems increasingly hungry for the stage he “treads” a few hours later.

Once on stage, the Kill It Kid succeed in the task of transforming an intimate concert, made of a few people, in the rush of energy that finds in songs like Pray On Me (performed in a divine way) and bluesy Wild and Wasted Water its emblem.

There is room for tracks from both records, the first eponymous album (Kill It Kid) and the second one, Heavy Feet Fall, that marks a departure from the folk blues of the earlier days, but still promising: we are not struggling with the usual indie band, “pushed” by the majors and  enslaved magazines. The music label is that of Paul McCartney and Björk, One Little Indian Records, and we said it all.

Before leaving, Chris & friends still allow us a few more questions. They’re straightforward, “we enjoyed the audience feedback, we’re used to playing in front of different audiences, even for many, this is one of the many stages of the European tour. We are exhausted but satisfied”.