With MAKIA but without fear (of growing up)

You can be sure about certain things in life. These are called certitudes. Family, religion and on a really lighter level tattoos. What else will last your whole life? A passion. Something that comes from inside, that you developed in cooperation with others. Or that you simply saw and got you curious, you tried it, you found out that it was consonant with what makes you feel good and it stuck with you. A passion is forever.

Gone are the garage days when you went there to practice with your cover band? If you are at a friends crib and he has a guitar in his living room, of corse you will hold it and you will try to make a couple of chords, just to hear how it sounds. There is a timing for everything, you can look young all you want, but everything at the right time, in the right place.

Makia was born for those that lived their passions up to consume them, up to when the time gave them no more room to take them further like it was at the beginning. All this without leaving the purity of a sensation, without getting dirt on that moment of passion that will last the span of a lifetime.

Makia sees the day of light in Finland, thanks to the vision of Joni Malmi, ex Finnish top level pro snowboarder. Joni realized that years passed, but despite this he wanted to represent his background being coherent with himself and its age. That’s why Makia was born: to seize an opportunity.

Items that reinvent casual classics, cuts and combinations funny without being too much extravagant, functional for the needs of a mature target that knows what it wants but unfortunately didn’t have anybody proposing it before. Or fortunately. For Makia fortune.

After they created a buzz relevant to a European extent and after they put the right adjustments on staff and productions, Makia was therefore ready for the next step. Launched into a climb to success that seemed like it was announced, this brand of clothing and sneakers recently opened in California its own showroom and obtained second place of Transworld Business “Top Action Sports Stories of 2011″.

Their motto “Old but gold” then seems to make sense, especially if paired with names like Peter Line, John Cardiel, Chris Dufficy, Marc Morisset, Joni Makinen, Bryce Kanights, Steve Olson, Russell Winfield, Jeff Brushie, Scotty Wittlake, Jim Rippey and some more.

What about you? Are you ready for this gold rush or is it too early?