Unexpected classic: Jackie Js Lee

Jackie Js Lee is one of the major names that the Saint Martins college has gave out. She is a Korean girl and her MA graduation collection 2010 received so much success that it won the revered Harrods Award. Approximately one year ago she created her first brand called J Js Lee. This label is dedicated to strong women and the lines of the spring-summer collection explain the concept very well.

There is simplicity and deep research of abstraction that accompanies this collection. The predominant colors are white, dark green and black: that’s it. The lines are straight and every piece is in harmony with the others. Geometric forms like circle and straight rectangle characterize a simple dress or a simple shirt; the game made by transparency, comes in a tidy way, enriching the cloth and mingling in it.

Balance is the rule. Like the green dress, simple till the bust and then, suddenly, changes with the unexpected skirt, long in the back and short in the front, behind is lightly flared while front is straight. Or like the white dress with a sort of hood that stops almost in the middle of the head, defining the shape of the face. Classic forms quite close to menswear for extreme simplicity lines, they are however far from a masculine common idea.

For past days, for presents and also for futures, these clothes seem to be from another planet. Here the web site www.jsleelondon.com