From Etiopia to Star Wars: Arzu Kaprol

Buffer state between Europe and the Middle East, a meeting place by definition for different cultures, contamination and mergers,  Turkey always produces creative characterized by a high-level anachronistic vision. In this unique nation, born in 1974 Arzu Kaprol, an eclectic designer who makes a clever fusion of art and fashion by taking inspiration from elements and traditions always different.

Graduated at the Fashion and Clothing Faculty of the Mimar Sinan University, completed her studies in Paris at the American Academy and winner of several awards, Arzu Kaprol based namesake brand in 1998.

After working up an internal development to the nation of birth, soon begins to plan for expansion abroad, taking as a reference Paris. Right here this year in September was organized the international debut throught a presentation made halfway between an art installation and a fashion show, in collaboration with Thierry Dreyfus. The Light Design guru, Dreyfuss, presented his first short film inspired by the creative world of Kaprol and her city: Istanbul.

The styles created by Arzu Kaprol work on the contrast between tight silhouettes and graphic details telling the starting point of the collection, called “Re-Fine”: the traditional body painting of the Mursi tribe, inhabitants of the southern part of Ethiopia, in this context become contemporary graphic patterns. Silk, leather along with unusual materials such as latex and cellophane yarns for the knitting, characterize these creations giving new breath to the spellings of the deep tradition.

Even the sculptures by Brig Laugier inspired Arzu in terms of volumes, in fact there are pieces with a very solid construction, thanks to the interplay of fabrics and details, which are reminiscent of futuristic atmosphere –  such as Star Wars for instance. The collection “Re-Fine” is the vision of the Turkish designer for summer 2011 where, linked to the references described above, find space cloth with multi-layer zone (similar to paper), bodies and super tight leggings, dresses and jackets with silvery light looking like costumes of a science fiction movie.

The contrasts are the undisputed masters of this debut collection, where Arzu Kaprol tells us how the fusion of so many inspiring elements may give rise to a proposal for a high fashion and, at the same time, also of great art not only figuratively but also crafted.