I ♥ to Play(art)

When they send e-mails to our editorial staff that go like: “These collections are inspired of our state of mind which is made of graffiti, skateboard, fashion but also music and parties. It will be grateful for us to appear in your website!”, it’s like me sending an e-mail of collaboration or a job inquiry. The difference is that, even if I’m inspired by these vital concepts, I tend to seem serious. Well, now that I think of it, I am serious. Real serious. If I like to laugh and to have fun, that doesn’t mean that at 10:30 a.m. I go and get a couple of drinks just to laugh a bit with the bartender. Everything at the right time and in the right place. Evidently the time is now and the place is France, for Playart.

These new sympathizers of Enquire asked us to check their collection and to show it to you and for us it has been an almost automatic process. France, land of freedom, equality and brotherhood, where wine is good and to get on the dole is easier than to get on here. That’s why there is an enormous number of artists, musicians and active young people coming from that land that gets perceived wrongly as snob. Probably the cause is a communication limit that leads us to think that our neighbours, since they have a language similar to ours, should be “a little like us”.

Playart is a collective of friends that, starting from their hometown of Nantes, goes all out to conquer the world through their website with some productions hand crafted by themselves.T-shirts. Photographic prints with digital corrections that go from words in order to recontextualize to effects.

Even their drawn graphics make us smile and transmit us the message that they want to pass of fun and spontaneity. Their deal is also skate decks. The best is without a doubt the one with the funny cop Louis De Funes. They even have a much relevant today cruiser in their deck collection. Forget mass productions, to get a Playart t-shirt is like buying an item from the hands of a friend.

In this era where consumption gets driven towards productions that always deal with the number of pieces manufactured in order to get a lower cost of a single item, it seemed us like it was the right time to put the spotlight on our friends from Nantes, for a trivial reason but not to be underestimated: they live their passion for clothing like we do. Smiling and enjoying it, day after day.

To know more about them, you can visit their website too, www.play-art.fr