PITTI 81: Ravings of the orient

Enquire fashion editorial staff always get me as they want. Deep down, I have a thing for absurd or challenging tasks, of course they are perfectly aware of it, so they take advantage to make me do these kind of assignments for a very simple reason: they know that I would never give them no for an answer.

In this last request from them, they wanted me to inspect eight websites of an equal number of japanese brands to talk about their imminent coming to Pitti so, even if I’m crazy about stars and stripes skate brands, here I am rolling up my sleeves, ready to jump in a universe almost unknown to me. How much is a yen? Is what I see extremely heavy as far as price goes? Or is it cheap? For me a skate tee shirt at 25 dollars is ok, but how about an 8 panel New Era cap for 15800 yen? I avoided a converter to have an idea about the prices on purpose, since the common creed of poor mortals like myself is the following: if it’s Japanese it’s cool, so it must cost. But I’m writing this post for love and J-Lo taught me: love don’t cost a thing. For the love of clothing, of course. Let’s open Pandora’s box and let’s wish ourselves the best of luck.

The first brand on the list is Mastermind Japan. Graphically speaking the website is stupendous to say the least, but it has a little stint: I couldn’t see a single image. No, it’s not a Flash issue and I don’t have a Mac. This halo of mistery and their name itself are more than enough anyway. They are so forward thinking that they don’t even need to show their collections. Real leaders.

Whiz Limited has all, and I mean all, those news related to urban trends: patterns coming straight from the ’80s, sleeveless denim jackets, cardigan like there was no tomorrow, sweaters with ski motifs with deers and snowflakes, frogs à gogo and a lot of character. Not so sober. They worked hard and their collection is happy. They worth your time.

When it’s Discovered turn I realize that their pictures are too small. So I suppose that their items are the result of a production with a detailed care but I gotta say that their everpresent shorts got me a bit on hold. Too much khaki for my taste. I confess that I’ve seen more than a t shirt with proper flair.

Browsing the Soe website, I see that it has a very personal proposal, without a doubt. I tried to imagine myself wearing their pants and their tights (do you call leggings even male ones?). I can’t handle it.

Here I am checking Facetasm collection then. I declare them winners for the skate bowl shooting alone. I got fascinated by their woman collection without understanding it at all: disproportionate volumes alternated with leggings and a manic care concerning their production especially those of laces all over the lenght of some pants and some wild mix and matches. I’m starting to think that man shorts, during winter, and tights are the most common thing in that world.

I’m about to see the finish line so, dulcis in fundo, here comes Phenomenon. It got me for two reasons. The first is that in their proposal there is this serie of spikes tied to the item with wires intentionally left long, whose final effect is aggrassive but naif and hand made at the same time. The second is their Shirt Waist Porch: a shirt that was conceived to be tied around the waist. Marvelous things.

Sasquatch Fabrix calls their latest collection Modern Ninja and this alone makes it the number one brand. Eccentric but elegant, wit volumes closer to the body and a discreet dosege of colors, probably due to the fact that a ninja on the front roof can’t be seen at all. Very charged but definately with style.

Last brand is Plumpynuts that caught me by surprise. I can’t do nothing but notice that it has everything: camouflage, stripes, animal print, denim, fluo, formal, country, large and tight fit. It was enough to look for it and everything was there. Much ado ’bout nothing.