A tea with WeSC

What is the Superlative Conspiracy?
The Superlative Conspiracy is great people doing things together – the WeSC way. It really is a family of WeActivists, people working with WeSC, people wearing WeSC and representing it.

What is the background of the WeSC team? Where are you from and what have you been doing until you joined the WeSC’s project?
We were five guys starting WeSC, all of us with a background in skate- and snowboarding. We all wanted something different from the other streetbrands that were out there then, something we decided to call ‘streetfashion’ – the mix between street and fashion. This was in 1999 and prior to that I’d been working within the skate- and snowboarding industry with various projects, like my own dstribution company, a store named G-Spot and more.

What does it mean streetwear for you?
Streetwear and streetfashion has grown and developed incredibly the past years – it’s much more brands now, and the diverstiy is also greater. Streetwear and streetfashion brands are good at doing their own thing and standing up for it, which is always great fun.

Are Stockholm and Sweden fertile grounds for the development of streetwear?
They are for WeSC, as well as other nations and inspirations. Swedish fashion has a very clear design ethic, and so does streetwear. WeSC is the bridge in between, but primarily we do our own thing, the Superlative way. Most brands are likely to draw inspiration from their country of origin and its heritage and aesthetic, I think that is hard to stay away from. Ask a Japanese brand and they’ll say Japan is their inspiration, ask a California based brand and they’ll say California – WeSC likes to say we’re international from Sweden.

Why do you think it’s so difficult for a streetwear label to rise and grow up in Italy?
Streetwear has often been misunderstood as more t-shirts and baggy jeans and that style can exclude people who don’t take time and go into that streetwear store to be proven the opposite. That might be one reason, although WeSC has seen great success in Italy. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that we’re international from Sweden and we do it well?

In your opinion, how much do the street-culture, the street-style blogs and the streetwear influence the changes of our society and the evolution of the fashion industry?
As you can hear in the name of it, streetwear and streetfashion comes from the street and the people and influencers from there. So of course that influences it.

WeSC is a streetwear brand and for its own nature is inevitably linked with the skate culture. How did you make it more fashion-oriented, capturing also the market outside the skateboard community?
WeSC has never referred to itself as a streetwear or skateboarding brand — instead we’re streetfashion and life after skate. We’ve made that clear from the start and that could be one reason. We’re more grown up and fashionable than skateboarding brands, we have strong ladies collections and focus and an unconventional approach to fashion, targeting the Intellectual Slacker and his fashionable and fun friends.

WeSC is usual to collaborate with brands and artists from different areas as fashion, art, music and much more, giving life to interesting and brand new featurings. How do you choose your creative partners?
We always look at the people in the Superlative Conspiracy and see what they’re up to – if we then find something that’s interesting enough to work together with we’ll make it happen. Like you stated, collaborations add interesting items and also different perspectives which is always excellent to have, no matter how strong your own brand is.

What is a WeActivist?
A WeActivist is someone who is creative, understands the core values of the Conspiracy and is extremely good at what they’re doing, no matter if he or she is world famous or completely unknown. A WeActivsit is always a friend and a member of the family.

What is the next step in the WeSC’s progress and what are your plans and projects for the future?
WeSC is expanding globally – we’re opening new concept stores, further working with our current and new retailers and having a good time. It’s important for us to evolve as a brand, as well as maintainging our core values and never forgetting the background and heritage. We want the Conspiracy to grow and as of now, that’s really happening which is amazing!

Tell us something that is really WeSC.
WeSC is good people doing great things together. Simple as that!

Do you need more? Well, visit www.wesc.com